Channelle Kizy-White is an experienced mediator who has successfully assisted countless couples work through disputes to reach an amicable resolution.

Mediation is an informal and flexible dispute resolution process. The mediator’s role is to guide the parties toward their own resolution. The mediator is a neutral party and never takes sides on any issue. Through joint sessions and separate caucuses with parties, the mediator helps both sides define the issues clearly, understand each other’s position and move closer to resolution.

The mediation process is fully confidential so nothing that is discussed at mediation can be shared with the judge on your case. If you reach an agreement, then you can voluntarily choose to make it a formal settlement, and then everyone is bound by the terms of the agreement. Bringing your issues to a conclusion at mediation is ALWAYS a better solution than taking your case to trial or to a hearing before a judge. You are able to have some control over the mediation process as you are an active participant; however, if you proceed through trial then the judge makes all the decisions and you are stuck with whatever a judge decides, whether you like it or not.

At Kizy Law, Channelle’s experience as a family law attorney is a tremendous asset to her as a family law mediator. She also tries to make the mediation process as comfortable as possible, understanding that just going through a divorce is an uncomfortable process already. She strongly encourages you to give mediation a try on every issue before getting into a knock down drag out fight in Court. The vast majority of the time, the emotional trauma for you and your families in a trial is not worth the effort or expense. Even if you “win” at trial, it is usually at a significant cost (financially, mentally, and emotionally).