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Kizy Law is a highly respected, experienced law firm with top negotiation and litigation skills. When legal issues make your life chaotic and uncertain, you want your case resolved as quickly and fairly as possible. Kizy Law is a law firm with the confidence, skills, and efficiency to get the job done right.

Kizy Law is devoted to the practice of Family Law and Criminal Defense. In the area of Family Law, this firm represents clients in the following areas: divorce (both with and without children), custody, child support, parenting time, property division, spousal support, modifications, post judgment actions, prenuptial agreements, personal protection orders. At times, the issues of a family law practice require the advice and representation on criminal complaints, and we can assist you on those matters as well.

Kizy Law is also devoted to Criminal Defense, concentrating on both misdemeanors and felonies in all State and Federal courts. Kizy Law has represented individuals facing charges of assault, drunk driving, drug crimes, fraud, embezzlement, larceny, and other white collar crime. Kizy Law is focused on defending your rights against overzealous prosecutors and protecting the innocent.

Through our honesty, efficiency, skillful negotiation and litigation experience, Kizy Law has earned a strong, well-deserved reputation in the legal community – and as proof, the majority of our caseload is referrals from other attorneys and past clients.

With a focus on thorough preparation and aggressive negotiation, Kizy Law is a model of professionalism. Our attorneys are experienced, comfortable, and knowledgeable about the law and legal procedure, which enables us to resolve cases consistent with the needs of our clients.

We know how stressful and emotionally draining the legal system can be, especially for someone who does not deal with conflict on a daily basis. Often, the most challenging aspect of any legal matter is the client’s emotional state, so we always keep the lines of communication open between the clients and ourselves and pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed and always returning phone calls. We focus on each client as if you are family and we know that communication and understanding is one of the most important aspects of our profession.