Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement enables each party in a marriage to acknowledge the separate property of the other. It can protect those assets from claims by the other party. Prenuptial agreements are frequently used in situations where one or both of the parties have significant or complex financial assets, or to ensure that the children of previous marriages receive their rightful inheritances.

Some people are reluctant to consider the use of a prenuptial agreement because they think it can create mistrust in the relationship or pave the way for divorce. Our attorneys believe otherwise – that an agreement can enhance the trust between the parties by removing potential areas of conflict from discussion or the silent thoughts of the parties. It can ensure that children of previous marriages receive the assets of their parents. A prenuptial agreement can also foster conversations between the soon-to-be spouses regarding money management, estate planning, and even lifestyle choices. Should a divorce occur, a prenuptial agreement can reduce the strife and costs associated with the division of marital property.

Our attorneys can create a prenuptial agreement for persons ranging from modest financial circumstances to significant assets. We understand the legal requirements of such agreements and will work to ensure that your assets are protected through a legally binding and valid document. The attorneys at Kizy Law can advise and represent you in drafting a prenuptial agreement, reviewing a proposed prenuptial agreement and negotiating the terms of a prenuptial agreement. We want to help you to ensure that the future you have secured for yourself is maintained. Call us today at 248-662-5499 for a free consultation.