Drivers License Restoration

At Kizy Law, we understand that your drivers license is your lifeline and is something that you must have to live a normal life, especially in the State of Michigan where public transportation is limited or nonexistent in most parts of the State. The ability to get to work, home, place of worship, and family obligations is a necessity most people take for granted until their driver’s license has been suspended or revoked for multiple drinking and driving offenses. Our team of dedicated lawyers is focused on one goal, getting your driver’s license reinstated and getting you back on the road.

Administrative Review Before the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD)
Once it has been determined that you are eligible for a hearing or administrative review before DAAD, (Michigan Driver Assessment & Appeal Division) a skilled lawyer from Kizy Law will go over the specifics of your case, and a packet of information will be sent out to you to get you started on this process so we can schedule your review hearing as soon as possible. Generally it takes approximately 6-8 weeks for a hearing date once the request is submitted to Secretary of State.

The required paperwork must be submitted in order to request a hearing or administrative review before DAAD. Your attorney will go over all the paperwork with you to make sure all the documentation is filled out completely and correctly.

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