Fraud and Embezzlement

Fraud, Retail Fraud, Larceny, Theft and Embezzlement involve the taking of something of another, including property or services, without consent. Although theft can be referred to by several different terms, such as theft by fraud, larceny, robbery and shoplifting, these crimes all generally consist of a taking without consent.

Not only can theft convictions result in very serious sentences but they also may result in a person being branded as a liar and a thief for life. Not only can you be put in jail or prison, you may also be required to pay what is known as restitution. This means that you could be required to pay back whatever you were alleged to have taken, plus additional penalties. You could spend years of your life paying off a restitution debt. It could affect your credit and later, your ability to buy a car or home or raise your family. Imagine how much your life would be affected if you were convicted of, for example, an identity theft crime because of a misunderstanding.

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