Channelle Kizy-White

I was born in Southfield, Michigan. When I was growing up I had dreams of becoming a lawyer, or maybe even a Supreme Court Justice. While I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer, it wasn’t until college that I went through an experience that further solidified my dreams.

In 1999, a person very close to me was accused of murder. Over the course of almost eighteen months, I was able to experience first-hand the injustices that often occur because of the tremendous power the government possesses. I am able to fully understand and relate to the pain and suffering that a family and other loved ones endure when a person close to them is accused of a crime. The government often makes people feel as if they do not have a voice and have no control over the situation. To me, being a lawyer is not just about fighting for justice, it’s about fighting for individual families and helping people understand the process every step along the way. After going through this extremely difficult experience, there was no doubt in my mind that I would become an attorney so that I could fight for people and against the government every day.

I was able to easily use these same skills and ideals to help families going through a divorce. The entire process can be very difficult, both mentally and emotionally, especially when children are involved.  I am able to help my clients understand what they are going through and cope with the day to day madness and overall chaos that a divorce can cause.  With my experience and expertise, I have helped so many men and women get through a divorce and look forward to a fresh start in life. Every single divorce and situation is so unique that I pride myself in taking the time to listen and understand your individual interests and needs to make sure that you are best represented throughout your entire divorce.

I have represented individuals from all walks of life. Coming from a large Chaldean family, I have always been taught to treat others with respect.  Each and every one of my clients receives the same respect, enthusiasm, attention and determination that I would want for my own family. I became a lawyer so that I could help people, and that is exactly what I do each and every day.

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2009-present    Channelle Kizy, PLLC
Managing Partner

2009-2010        Beals Hubbard, PLC
Litigation Associate

2006-2009        Neil Rockind, PC
Criminal Defense Associate

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